Call it a line in the sand, a mission or a higher purpose. Whatever. That’s it. Our ambition. From the get-go, we’ve been creating the best performance gear for Triathletes, the original sporting misfits. Being the perfect marriage of technology and performance, everything we have designed has helped improve preparation, performance, and recovery in Triathlon and beyond. But our mission doesn’t stop there.


    We are helping people reset their goals, helping them refocus and make a change themselves. We are showing everyone that change is possible and that a fitter healthier life is doable. And the benefits far outweigh the effort.


    Real change requires the efforts of everyone around us, our community, our athletes - everyone who shares the same ambition. It also means inspiring people to get off the sofa to make time for exercise and healthier living. The rebels, the slow-coaches, the joggers, the paddlers, the spinners - anyone and everyone who’s ever thought ‘I can’t do that’? We are showing them they can.


    Whether it’s a first Triathlon, taking part in one of our runs or enjoying a daily ride with the family, together we can create a positive energy that will ripple through you, your family, friends and wider community. If we can achieve even just a small measure of this ambition, we know we’ll be that bit closer to pulling off something amazing.

  • Over the past decade 2XU has partnered with world leading research teams to scientifically prove the benefits of 2XU garments. We rigorously test our fabrics using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure they are engineered to sustain the demands of sport.

    The benefits of our compression relies on our fabrics being firm and durable and graduated. Every batch of compression fabric we manufacture is first tested for power and recovery on an Instron tensile strength tester. If it does not meet quality standards it will be rejected and re-made. Approved compression fabric is then carefully constructed into a garment and tested on the Salzmann pressure measurement device to ensure they have a correct graduated pressure profile. The Salzmann testing apparatus is internationally recognised as the most technically accurate device for compression measurement, and is commonly used to test medical compression.


    Whether this be at events, through product, content or partnerships we are always trying to lead by example and build the community. From newcomers to the sport through to the seasoned pro, we are there. No matter what level, all athletes follow the same course: prepare, perform, recover and repeat.